General Lee 2009


Modell:Audi 80 quattro old 01

Engine:5-cyl KW Engine With Moroso-pistons,Modified original-rods, balanced VW Santana crank, sportquattrohead Tuned by modified NRG-cam chaft with 298*Degrees 12,5 lift, 600x400x45 intercooler from Caterpillar 930H Dahlbäckracing kamwheel modified cooling system in he trunk. an 16 fitings and 1" hose, caterpillar 980g serie II circulation pump Hydralic walve @ intake side mecanic on exhaust side, Furans evo4 intake with cooling radiator, setrab oilcooler, 4"side pipe Mofs reducing.caterpillar battery=30kg Dafo engine Breath

Ignition:modified Sportquattro , Msd digitalbox, Msd cabels.

Fuel:AUTRONIC SM4, 5st 3300cc injectors, 3x Bosch 044 fuelpump, TRC-filter , 2XAn8 fuel lines, 1x An8 backward. All hoses and fitings are EARLS, 45 L fuelcell .fuel-cooler from caterpillar 920

Etanol car

Turbosnurra:Borg wagner From caterpillar 980g serie II KL wastegate, KL-blowoff Aftercooler from cat 988a.

Body:General lee "old 01" plastic windows allover 6mm, lexan in door sides lightfore Shiftlite

Effekt:770whp 958hk in engine

Transmission:constant fourwheel drive, carbon clutch modified scania Pressureplate, locked diffretials rear and front, navreduction from volvo 5350

High-performance chassie:sport quattro s1 for bumpy roads, no rollovers, KL road kit +

Steering:steering wheel

Tyres and Rims:Real race 15 mt et drag RACE: Ace dino” med 205/50/15 Bf Goodrich Dragradials. Cruising rims: Avantgarde 17” 225/40.

Topspeed:depends 340km/h long box. 230km/h short box.

Acceleraion: 2004
Quartermile in 11.56s 190 km/h 60 feet 1,77 s
Eighth mile in 7.37s 155 km/h 60 feet 1,77 s
Highest endspeed at quartermile: 190 km/h
Best 60 feet: 1,52 s

Acceleraion: 2005
Quartermile in 10.11s 227 km/h 60 feet 1,7 s
Eighth mile in 6,67 s 188 km/h 60 feet 1,7 s
Highest endspeed at quartermile: 227 km/h
Best 60 feet: 1,52 s

Acceleraion: 2006
Quartermile in 9,97 s 205 km/h 60 feet 1,6 s
Eighth mile in 6,45 s 192 km/h 60 feet 1,6 s
Highest endspeed at quartermile: 228 km/h
Best 60 feet: 1,52 s unglued track
Weights: 1340 kg raceready, 1400 kg fully loaded

Acceleraion: 2007
only one drag run has been dunn for this season.
Quartermile in 10,19
Eighth mile in 6,88
Highest endspeed at quartermile 236km/h
Best 60 feet 1,88

Acceleraion: 2008
Quartermile in 9,75
Eighth mile in 6,41
Eighth mile speed 190km/h
Highest endspeed at quartermile 239km/h
Best 60 feet 1,70

Acceleraion: 2009
Quartermile in s km/h 60 feet s
Eighth mile in s km/h 60 feet s
Highest endspeed at quartermile: km/h
Best 60 feet: s